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stereo zoom microscope track stand binocular zoom microscope down light 6.7X-45X

stereo zoom microscope track stand binocular zoom microscope down light 6.7X-45X

stereo zoom microscope track stand binocular zoom microscope down light 6.7X-45X

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: chutong
Model Number: SZ6745-B9L

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stereo zoom microscope track stand binocular zoom microscope down light 6.7X-45X
Stereo microscopes are also known as Dissecting or Low Power Microscopes. They are used for viewing 'macro' specimens that are opaque - light is unable to pass through.
Zoom microscopes can refer to stereo zoom microscopes or macro zoom lens systems. Both of them are fairly different and serve difference purposes. The term "zoom" refers to continuous viewing of magnification among a range, for example if the zoom range is 7x -45x, you would be able to view 7x, 8x, 9x, etc. all the way up to 45x.
Stereo zoom microscopes have eyepieces for viewing samples, and some have a trinocular (camera) port as well. The typical zoom range on a stereo zoom microscope is from about 7x - 45x. These microscopes can be mounted on boom stands, lighted post stands, or articulated arm stands.

EyepieceStandardAuxiliary Lens 0.5XAuxiliary Lens 1.5XAuxiliary Lens 2X
W.D. 105mmW.D. 177mmW.D. 47mmW.D. 26mm


magnificationstandard spec:6.7x-45x,optional eyepiece or auxiliary objective can make magnification to 3.5x-180x
objectivestandard spec:0.67x-4.5x zoom objective,zoom ratio:6.7:1,ensure image surface parfocality
viewing head45°inclined,360°rotate,interpupillary distance:54-76mm,diopter adjusting range±5
articulated binocular or trinocular head,splitting ratio 20% 80%
eyepiecestandard spec.10X/22mm,large sight,wild field,high point,50%/50% spectral
optional eyepiece10X/20mm,15X/15mm,20X/10mm (objecmicrometer is available)
working distancestandard:100mm,auxiliary objective can make it to 26mm-177mm
auxiliary objective0.5X/165mm, 1.5X/45mm, 2X/30mm, for option
focus armadjustable,lift range:50mm
up illumination12V/15W halogen reflected illuminationindependent switches and light source,brightness can be continuously adjusted independently fluorescent transmitted illumination,brightness fixed LED lighting more even,the brightness more stable low voltage security,low consumption,low calorific value,long service life
super bright LED reflected illumination
down illumination12V/15W halogen transmitted illumination
super bright LED transmitted illumination
videotape interfacewith special interface,connect to usual camera,digital camera,imitate CCD,digital CCD,VGA

Application field of stereo microscope as follows:
1.Study on the animal science, botany, entomology, histology, mineralogy, geology, archaeology and dermatology.
2 in the textile industry, for the inspection of raw materials and cotton fabric.
3 in the electronics industry, as a transistor spot welding, inspection, etc..
4 various kinds of materials, such as the cracks of the cracks, the corrosion of the surface and other surface phenomena.
5 in the manufacture of small precision parts, used for machine tool equipment, working process observation, precision parts inspection and assembly tools.
6 lens, prism or other transparent material surface quality, as well as the precision of the scale of the examination.
7 identify cions is true or false .
8 widely used in textile products, chemical, chemical, plastic products, electronic manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, printing industry, higher education institutions, archaeological research and many other fields.

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