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stereo zoom microscope trinocular zoom microscope boom stand dual arm 6.7X-45X

stereo zoom microscope trinocular zoom microscope boom stand dual arm 6.7X-45X

stereo zoom microscope trinocular zoom microscope  boom stand  dual arm  6.7X-45X

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: chutong
Model Number: SZL6745T-STL2

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100
Packaging Details: carton
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Detailed Product Description
Viewing Head: Trinocular

stereo zoom microscope trinocular zoom microscope boom stand dual arm 6.7X-45X

Eyepiece Standard Auxiliary Lens 0.5X Auxiliary Lens 1.5X Auxiliary Lens 2X
W.D. 105mm W.D. 177mm W.D. 47mm W.D. 26mm
Mag. F.O.V Mag. F.O.V Mag. F.O.V Mag. F.O.V
10X/22mm 6.7X 32.8mm 3.4X 65.7mm 10.1X 21.9mm 13.4X 16.4mm
45.0X 4.9mm 22.5X 9.8mm 67.5X 3.3mm 90.0X 2.4mm
15X/16mm 10.1X 23.9mm 5.0X 47.8mm 15.1X 15.9mm 20.1X 11.9mm
67.5X 3.6mm 33.8X 7.1mm 101.3X 2.4mm 135.0X 1.8mm
20X/12mm 13.4X 17.9mm 6.7X 38.5mm 20.1X 11.9mm 26.8X 9.0mm
90.0X 2.7mm 45.0X 5.3mm 135.0X 1.8mm 180.0X 1.3mm
25X/9mm 16.8X 13.4mm 8.4X 26.9mm 25.1X 9.0mm 33.5X 6.7mm
112.5X 2.0mm 56.3X 4.0mm 168.8X 1.3mm 225.0X 1.0mm
30X/8mm 20.1X 11.9mm 10.1X 23.8mm 30.2X 7.9mm 40.2X 6.0mm
135.0X 1.8mm 67.5X 3.6mm 202.5X 1.2mm 270.0X 0.9mm

Application field of lylight stereo microscope

Stereo microscope operation is simple, the magnification is generally in the 7X-42X, the maximum magnification of 180X. Stereo microscope is the most widely used in the use, the main purposes are as follows:

1.Study on the animal science, botany, entomology, histology, mineralogy, geology, archaeology and dermatology.

2 in the textile industry, for the inspection of raw materials and cotton fabric.

3 in the electronics industry, as a transistor spot welding, inspection, etc..

4 various kinds of materials, such as the cracks of the cracks, the corrosion of the surface and other surface phenomena.

5 in the manufacture of small precision parts, used for machine tool equipment, working process observation, precision parts inspection and assembly tools.

6 lens, prism or other transparent material surface quality, as well as the precision of the scale of the examination.

7 identify cions is true or false .

8 widely used in textile products, chemical, chemical, plastic products, electronic manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, printing industry, higher education institutions, archaeological research and many other fields.

Magnification 6.7X-45X, 3.4X-270X with optional eyepieces and objectives
Eyepiece WF10X/22mm high-eyepoint, wide-field; Convenient for observers wearing glasses
Optional Eyepiece WF10X/22mm, WF15X/16mm, WF20X/12mm, WF25X/9mm, WF30X/8mm
Main Body Trinocular head, 45° or 60° inclined, 360° rotatable, can be locked in any position desired
Interpupillary Distance adjustment:54-75mm; Diopter adjustment:±5 diopters
Objective 0.67X-4.5X stereo zoom; Zoom Ratio:6.7:1
Aux Lens 0.3X, 0.5X, 0.7X, 0.75X, 1.5X, 2X
Focusing Mount A1 focusing mount with vertical working distance 50mm
Stand STL2 boom stand, for more options
Illumination Fluorescent lamp, LED ring light, for more option
Adapter Provides a vertical phototube, C-mount adapters for CCD camera
Main Body Color White or camel


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